KeyFest ft. Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater
Greg   June 22, 2016 at 3:19 pm   0 Comments

Who Is Jordan Rudess?

Jordan Rudess is the keyboardist for Dream Theater, but it didn’t start there! At just 9 years old, he enrolled in the Juilliard School of Music to train in classical piano. A few years into his studies, he became more interested in synthesizers and progressive rock music, eventually transitioning to become a solo progressive rock keyboardist.

After playing with different groups in the 80’s, Rudess was voted “Best New Talent” in Keyboard Magazine, earning him international recognition. He was invited to join Dream Theater, and the rest is history!


What is KeyFest?

KeyFest is a weeklong interactive music camp with Jordan Rudess (of Dream Theater), Tom Brislin (Yes/Meatloaf), and Diego Tejeida (Haken). Spend the week learning different styles and techniques of playing the keys from some of the best! At night, take what you learned during the day and jam out with the other attendees, as well as the masters themselves! Come learn, participate and experience KeyFest! July 18-22 at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. Register now! For more details, check out the program schedule here:!



What are Music Masters Camps?

Music Masters Camps offer a highly interactive experience, bridging the gap between artist and audience. The camps provide a unique opportunity for participants and world-class artists to meet and collaborate in an inspired and creative atmosphere at this pastoral, one hundred acre mountain resort, “dedicated to the celebration of music and the arts in nature”.

The host artist creates the format, agenda and curriculum. Some camps have an “academic” feel, incorporating elements of music theory, master classes and instrumental ensembles while others are more casual with a social and festival oriented atmosphere. All Music Masters Camps provide an extremely high quality musical experience, enhanced by the presence of talented “counselors”, including band members, associated musicians, special guests and industry professionals.

Ultimately, the common thread through the Music Masters Camps experience is the integration of academic, instructional and social elements, as well as personal interface with the artists- not only at forums, panels, classes, and jam sessions, but also at breakfast, lunch and dinner and throughout evening activities.

Whether you are a musician or an enthusiastic fan, Music Masters Camps are specifically designed to provide an inspirational and interactive experience, offering the opportunity to truly take a step “Beyond Backstage.”