Dave Matthews Band Returns to Saratoga Springs
Greg   July 4, 2015 at 3:04 pm   0 Comments

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Last night, the Dave Matthews Band returned to Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center (SPAC) in New York for their annual 2-night run. While Phish usually performs at SPAC on July 4th weekend, Trey was in Chicago playing with the Dead, so DMB stepped up and delivered! The band played a mix of classics and new tunes.

Following the two set format, they kicked off the evening with a number of acoustic jams that culminated with a guest appearance by Bela Fleck on “Typical Situation,” “Satellite,” and “Ants Marching.”

The electric set started off with The Lovely Ladies joining the band for “Save Me” and “Granny,” before returning to the stage for DMB’s first performance of “Take Me To The River” since 6/30/00! Bela Fleck also guested in the second set for the last 5 songs including rocking versions of “Don’t Drink the Water” and “Grey Street.”

The band proved to show no signs of slowing down last night with the full energy jams perfectly blended with the acoustic songs. We’re looking forward to hearing the new album when it is released. A full set list from last night can be found below. The band will be at SPAC again tonight, July 4th, before continuing on with their Summer tour.

DMB Setlist – 7/3/15

Rye Whiskey

Little Red Bird


Snow Outside

What Would You Say

Stay or Leave

Typical Situation *

Satellite *

Ants Marching *


Save Me ^

Granny ^


Dancing Nancies

Take Me To The River ^

Black and Blue Bird

Belly Belly Nice

Can’t Stop ^

Be Yourself ^

Corn Bread *

The Dreaming Tree *

Don’t Drink the Water *

Grey Street *


Virginia in the Rain

You Might Die Trying


* w/ Bela Fleck

^ w/ Lovely Ladies