New FiKus Album Out July 1st
Greg   May 22, 2014 at 4:20 pm   0 Comments



FiKus announced their self-released debut full-length album, Living Life Through Multicolored Scenery, will be available on July 1st 2014. It is the band’s first release since Plus+ (EP) in 2011 and their first full length album. “It’s exciting to finally put out a full length record. It was a much different process, definitely our most pleasant in the studio, and it’s become something we’re all really proud of”, says percussionist Pete Kozak. FiKus co-produced all thirteen tracks on the album alongside Grammy Award winning engineer TJ Doherty (Wilco, Sonic Youth, Steely Dan, White Denim), at Black Jack Studios in New Milford, NJ, only a ten minute drive from where the band rehearses. “It was great working with TJ. He made it very comfortable for us and was really able to capture our live energy in the studio…and being so close to home made for a very relaxed environment”, says guitarist Steve Malone.

The band is issuing 500 Limited Edition Double 180g vinyl copies of LLTMCS, each with a hand written “Thank You” from the band. All of the artwork was handcrafted by the band. Says bassist Travis Paparoski, “It was very important to us to create an experience for our fans who buy our album. I got to experience an era that saw the rise of digital media through the creation of the internet. I had the experience of buying physical media, treasuring it, protecting it, reading the booklet up, down, and sideways. We wanted to bring that back by putting ourselves into this project. I feel that Vinyl is the most iconic form of a physical release and its something special and nostalgic for us in a world where digital media has started to swallow up physical releases.”

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