Review: Kung Fu @ Garcia’s
Greg   February 15, 2014 at 4:47 pm   0 Comments

By: Chason Heins

Photos By: Greg Horowitz

In the world of live music the show must always go on, and that is exactly what happened Wednesday night in Port Chester NY.  With The Word being forced to reschedule their show at The Capitol Theatre, Kung Fu who was due to start off the evening for them decided to bring their funk next door to Garcia’s. Stepping up and opening for the Fu was The Lawn Boys, trading in their late night slot to open up the evening and get things going. With a venue that offers fans an intimate space to get up close and personal with the performers, yet somehow still allows plenty of dance room, this was a surely a night to remember.

The Lawn Boys were pretty impressive, getting the night going with a ton of energy, putting the impending storm in the back of my mind allowing me to just kick back and enjoy the music. As a rather devoted Phish fan I was unsure what to expect from these guys, but as their set progressed, it was quite evident they are extremely serious about what they do. Taking on the music of a jam band powerhouse who is currently selling out venues and playing as well as ever is no easy task, but these guys find a way to do it and do it very well. From intricately composed sections right through to the free form improve that is Phish, these guys made me wish it was summer tour and kept me intrigued throughout their set. If you’re a fan of Phish and like most of us anxiously waiting the boys return or just looking for a night of fun and dancing, look no further these guys.

As Kung Fu takes the stage, it becomes instantly clear that we are in for a treat this evening as the band rips right into their set. Dropping funk mixed with scorching jazz riffs and electronic themed jams, these masters of their craft seem to reach further and further into the bag of tricks each and every time they take the stage. The communication between members without any words is beyond impressive as they mesh in and out of solo’s jamming effortlessly with each other as if they had been doing it their whole lives. Each member of this powerhouse brings their own unique talent to the stage and is as willing as the next to show it off, giving the fans a constant flow of musical bliss. At one point breaking into “Fly Like An Eagle” giving this tune a funky twist that fits rather perfectly with the band and their music also allowing the band to briefly mention how they hope to be able to fly like eagles on their upcoming trip to Florida for the Aura Music Festival with a brief stop off for a show in Atlanta on the way  “Weather willing.” With highlights ranging from a heavy hitting “Do The Right Thing” offering up heavy drum and bass hits with intricate guitar sections and some out of this world key work. And maybe my personal favorite “S’all Good” giving Rob and his sax the opportunity to lay some sexy jazz infused heat, meshing beautifully with the ever present driving drum and bass line while dancing seamlessly back and forth with Tim’s mind blowing guitar work.

Closing out the evening Kung Fu comes back out for one final journey busting in to “Tsar Bomba” a great choice to keep the crowd moving up till the last note. This tune encompasses all this band is and has to offer in my eyes, allowing their undeniable talent to shine while demonstrating their almost unmatched ability to travel between genres of music effortlessly.  Delivering everything from Funk to Electronic while offering up a taste of just about everything in-between, these guys never fail to entertain a crowd, leaving me wishing I was following them as they travel down south.

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