Interview: Consider the Source
Greg   October 26, 2013 at 6:47 pm   0 Comments

This week we spoke with the sci-fi, middle-eastern, progressive, psychedelic, funk, jam, fusion trio, Consider the Source.  Earlier this week, they released a new live album called “F**K It! We’ll Do It Live”  The album features live recordings from performances at MazFest and the Oneonta Theatre both in upstate NY, as well as Nectars in Burlington, VT.  Consider the Source features Gabriel Marin on guitar, John Ferrara on bass, and Jeff Mann on drums.  Check out what the band had to say about their latest release and future plans!  You can download the new album here.


What does this album mean to you guys as a band?

This is our first album with Jeff Mann on drums, so it feels extra special to finally have a document of the band as we currently sound. Also, for all of the tracks besides the last one, we had no idea that we were being recorded. Sometimes when you are aware that the show is being taped, you may want to play things a little safer to get everything perfect, but since we had no idea until after the show that it was being taped, we feel that this is a very honest picture of us a band in the live environment.


Clearly, (hence the title), you decided to go live rather than hit the studio for this release.  What was the reason behind that?

Well, this is Vol. 2 of a series. We hope to put one out every year to show the band evolving in the live setting. Also, we are planning our next studio album, and in the studio sometimes we beef our sound up with overdubs or other sonic textures, so its nice to show people what just the 3 of us at our instruments sounds like.


Can you describe the feeling when you find that live track of a certain song you performed that you know just HAD to be on the album?

Well, its not like we went thru a bunch of shows and picked the best tracks. Originally, we recorded an entire set at Nectar’s in Burlington (the same place where we recorded Vol.1) and planned on releasing that. Unfortunately there was a noise issue throughout the recording, so we just put one song from that show on the disk as a bonus track. The other songs were all a pleasant surprise. We are extremely hard on ourselves musically, so naturally when we first got off stage and heard that someone had taped those sets, we all thought that it would be useless because we didn’t play well enough. But a few weeks later, when we got the recordings, we were amazed at how much we didn’t suck.


Can each of you describe the album in one word?

Jeff – No
John – Cromulent
Gabriel – Scrumtrulescent


What’s next for CTS?

First, we are going into the studio to record the acoustic part of our next studio record. Then we are going on a 5 week tour down the coast then out to Texas to support the live album. When that ends, we are coming back up north to play a big new years show with our good friends Dopapod at the Palladium in Worcester, MA.  That will be our last show for a minute as we will be hitting the rehearsal room hard and then recording the rest of our next studio album, which we are beyond excited about and have really big plans for. We just signed on with a new booking agency, Hoplite, and are really excited to hit the ground running with them into some new parts of the country. Also at some point an acoustic tour as well as going back overseas. This was a really big year for us, and we are excited to continue building our momentum and getting this music to as many people as we can.


Special thanks to Gabe, John, and Jeff of CTS, as well as their manager Jordan, lighting designer John, and kick-ass publicist Cali!  We look forward to seeing you guys again soon!  Tour dates are below!